Capgemini’s Model Based Testing solution to accelerate your Payment testing efforts

Traditionally, banks have separated their payments processing into at least two separate streams: one for handling low value payments—typically retail—and a second for handling high value payments, typically interbank. This payment processing can be domestic or cross border. As nation’s economies become increasingly interdependent through trade and investment and as funds and people become more mobile globally, the need to move money across borders efficiently, securely, inexpensively and in a timely way intensifies increasing the focus on cross border payments. Capgemini’s accelerator for high and low value payments covers cross border payments and uses a model based testing workbench approach which allows you to generate test scenarios and cases by modelling business requirements. Our library includes over 300 test scenarios which provide coverage for most business processes used in high or low value payments. Our workbench lets your bank improve test quality and time to market by supporting quick customization and reuse. Changes can be incorporated for any requirements change and further roll out.