Harnessing Information Value: could you be a digital winner?

The fourth Capgemini Consulting Global CIO Report – which is the result of nearly 500 face-to-face interviews with global CIOs representing all industries – highlights that despite a 15% average cut in IT budgets, CIOs see the economic context as an opportunity to show the true value of IT and to further improve IT industrialization.
Their industrial model will nevertheless be challenged by growing technologies and business models around Cloud Computing and Software/Infrastructure as a Service. Information Lifecycle Management is the next innovation challenge for CIOs , who will have to invent a new model of governance to lead the charge on getting value out of the information assets of their corporation. The report also identifies three types of IT organizations amongst which “Digital winners” have been at the forefront of the new industrialization challenges; they also have a significant impact on their companies’ innovation and have addressed the information challenge across their organization.

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