Commissioning for profit in three steps for broadcasters

The TV industry in Europe and the US is facing unprecedented structural and cyclical changes that have profound implications for all players in the value chain. The emergence of devices such as personal video recorders, the increasing penetration of fixed and mobile broadband and proliferation of multiple media platforms are giving viewers unlimited flexibility. Consumer behaviors are undergoing a dramatic shift towards time-shifted and on-demand content. A key consequence of these behavioral changes has been the impact on TV advertising revenues.

These developments have far reaching implications for the fundamentals of the TV industry. Traditional models of content commissioning, distribution and exploitation will need to be overhauled in order to maintain profitability and develop new revenue streams. TV players will need to sharpen their focus on the commissioning process and explore ways and means of expanding this process to newer and non-traditional windows. They will also need to work around creating newer types of deals that offer more scope for monetization of existing content.