Unlock the power of TEMENOS T24

A financial institution is only as strong or agile as its core banking system. For many leading international banks, legacy core banking systems have provided a solid foundation from which to achieve highly effective and efficient operations. However, for several reasons many legacy systems currently require replacement: Some lack scalability, others have insufficient functionality, and some are no longer supported by their vendors. No matter the cause, outdated core banking systems make it increasingly difficult and expensive for banks to keep up with the rapidly changing, complex banking environment in which they operate.

As with any sophisticated platform, the value delivered by T24 is dependent upon the quality of its implementation and integration with a bank’s existing systems and business processes. Capgemini offers comprehensive T24 implementation services that help banks unlock the full value from a legacy system migration. By working with Capgemini, banks can do more than just replace their current platform: They can take advantage of this opportunity to create a core banking system environment that is less complex, more efficient, and highly flexible and responsive to the dynamic banking industry.