A summary of our comprehensive study of current trends in payments and the functionality of the major payments systems

The market for payments systems is changing beyond recognition. For example, the introduction of SEPA will mean that virtually all payments between participating countries are treated as domestic payments, eliminating the current differentiation between national and cross-border payments. Banks need to organise now if they are to be able to compete under this new regime. Existing payments systems, many of them decades old, will not necessarily cope unless updated. At the same time, several new packages are emerging, while the integration and maintenance costs of legacy systems have soared. The task, therefore, is to renew or upgrade payments capabilities with minimal interruption to business as usual and maximum long-term ROI.

Within this context the 2009 survey findings, along with Capgemini’s own experience in the field of payments systems and our partnerships with best-of-breed package vendors, suggest that there are a number of considerations to make when selecting a payments system. These include functionality, architecture and integration possibilities, non-functional requirements, vendor stability and implementation capabilities.

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