The main purpose of the e-lixo é lixo exhibition is to estimulate reflexion.

Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty, and fun are the values that guide the Capgemini Group. Each of these values is based on sustainability, a practice adopted by our company.

As a way to materialize the Group’s concepts, the Espaço Cultural Capgemini opens its second exhibition, entitled e-lixo é lixo? With photos and sculptures made of discarded electronic and telephone components, this new exhibition sheds a new light on what is really waste and what can be used as raw material, how to dispose of toxic materials properly, and how to use these materials in a conscious manner.

Capgemini’s purpose behind the e-lixo é lixo? exhibition is to raise awareness about proper disposal of electronic waste, and, particularly, about conscious consumption, which is the starting point of the whole process.

The exhibition shows two different aspects: beauty and gloom. While beauty leads you through a path ornated with sculptures made of discarded electronic components, gloom reveals how improper disposal of these components can impact the environment and people.

Contact with these two facets – beauty and gloom – aims not only at raising awareness, but also at leading visitors to action.

The e-lixo é lixo? exhibition showcases works made of different materials, in different shapes, sizes and themes, reflecting the peculiar pieces of art created by renowned Brazilian artists, such as Armando Oliveira Bastos, Christian Pierini, Gilberto Vieira Mendes and Jota Azevedo, out of e-waste.

In addition to their beauty and artistic content, they all converge around sustainability.