Talents gathered to foster sustainability and art

All artists taking part in this exhibition have made their sculptures out of used electronic components. These sculptors were chosen due to their ability to transform recyclable materials into art. Learn more about them:

Armando Oliveira Bastos: born in Ceara, as a child, he used to build toys out of wood and cans. He has created over 300 art pieces, most of them representing an animal, which he sells over the Internet. One of his sculptures is displayed at the Recycling Museum in Rome, Italy.

Christian Pierini: born in Rio, he created Facebook’s Mister Copyright and set up the Oficina de Artes Visuais Sustentáveis. Together with plastic artist Vik Muniz, he created the world-acclaimed Lixo Extraordinario series.

Gilberto Vieira Mendes: born in Sao Jose dos Campos (SP), he created his first sculptures out of scrap discarded by his IT company. With a collection of more than 100 pieces, he has participated in a number of exhibitions. He organizes social initiatives for the homeless.

Jota Azevedo: born in Recife, he is a plastic artist, sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer. He was once hired by a leading global beverage company to build a DJ turntable. He plans to release a book teaching how to build ten of his art pieces step by step.

Meet the artists participating in the e-lixo é lixo? exhibition.

Gilberto Vieira Mendes

Where are you based?
São José dos Campos

I’m a federal public servant. I’ve been with the Brazilian Air Force since 1986, working as an Electronics Technician; I have a degree in Information Technology  Management.

Where have you exhibited your work?
I took part in a three-day event organized by Embraer, comprising an exhibition and a workshop, and a thirty-day exhibition at Vale Sul Shopping Mall in Sao Jose dos Campos, displaying different pieces on different days.
I participated in the Brazilian Science and Technology Week in Brasilia in 2012 and 2013, with an exhibition and workshop for over 850 children. I organize social initiatives for the homeless.

How many works are in your collection?
I maintain a collection of 120 pieces for exhibitions. I have created over 280 exclusive pieces, most of which are listed in my photoblog http://artecomreciclavel.nafoto.net/ and on my fan page at https://www.facebook.com/artecomreciclavel.

What is your style? Do you follow any specific theme?
I try to focus on sustainable art creation and on designing different pieces for all types of audiences. And I try to ensure the Arte com Reciclável project is environmentally friendly, economically viable, socially fair, and culturally accepted.

Jota Azevedo

Where are you based?
In Jaboatão dos Guararapes, part of Recife’s metropolitan region.

I’m a plastic artist, sculptor, illustrator and graphic designer.

Where have you exhibited you work?
At Party Brasil in Sao Paulo, in 2014, and at Campus Party Brasil in Recife, in 2013. My work will soon appear on the cover of two books, one published by Editora Positivo, and the other one by Saraiva. My customers include market-leading companies from different segments, such as insurance, textile, beverage, and services.

How many works are in your collection?
I have over 50 pieces in my collection. I have sold about 10. I’m very attached to each of them, because each one is unique, and I know I’ll never be able to reproduce any of them.

What is your style? Do you follow any specific theme?
I believe I’m still evolving, and I don’t want to follow a single line of work, such as robots, spaceships, etc… I like to have the freedom to create a robot, a piece of furniture, or even fashion accessories. I believe nothing should be wasted, and everything can be turned into something artistic and useful.
Maybe my style is only a different way to transform scrap into something new, but always linked to fiction.

Armando Oliveira Bastos

Where are you based?
I’ve lived in the city of Caucaia (near Fortaleza) since 2003.

What is your occupation?
I have a degree in Buiding Technology from the Escola Técnica Federal in Ceará. I currently work for the Fortaleza City Administration, in the IT area.

Where have you exhibited your work?
Currently, my work can be found on online sales websites, but I have exhibited some of my pieces in schools and bars in Fortaleza.

How many works are in your collection?
Over 300 works in various sizes and shapes.

What is your style? Do you follow any specific theme?
I started with scrap from computers, HDs, and other parts, but I felt the need to move into iron and soldering. Now I usually use iron, but I plan to keep on recycling computer parts and electronics.
I love the theme “animal nature”. Most of my pieces, whether made out of iron or electronics, represent birds.

Christian Pierini

Where are you based?
My studio/atelier is located inside a cultural center called Lona Cultural Municipal Elsa Osborne in the city of Rio de Janeiro, district of Campo Grande. www.lonacultural.com.br

What is your occupation?
I’m a visual art teacher, musician (Black Dog Brazil Band) and producer of cultural events (Lona Cultural). I’m also president of OSCIP UGAT ZO (União de Grupos e Artistas da Zona Oeste), a non-governmental organization that manages Lona Cultural. I have a teaching degree in Visual Art from the Universidade Metodista Bennet, where I was taught live model painting by plastic artist Lidio Bandeira de Melo (who won the World Painting Grand Prix in 1962).

Where have you exhibited your work?
Some of my work is displayed at Unilasalle (a France-based university located in Niteroi – RJ), and at Lona Cultural Elza Osborne.

How many works are there in your collection?
I have approximately 80 works, including charcoal drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photos.

What is your style? Do you follow any specific theme?
I usually create portraits of personalities from different periods in history. But I also create landscapes, nudes, brand logos, and abstract paintings. What I focus on is the ability of the human brain to absorb images, and I try to apply the principles of Gestalt psychology to create some type of mental confusion when looking at an image as a whole and perceiving the separate objects that make up the image, thus creating some sort of optical illusion.
As a child, I was already involved in theatre, music, and visual art.  My mother was an actress and plastic artist, and my father was a musician and cultural producer. My parents influenced my career choice.

Albert Einstein, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Renato Russo, Frankstein.
The images are part of a series that addresses the speed at which electrical and electronic equipment becomes obsolete, and the problems surrounding disposal of e-waste and contamination, in parallel with obsolescence of the cultural industry. Through art, a new meaning is given to the materials used, with recycling of e-waste, and preservation of Brazilian and international cultural memory.
Size: 120 x 120cm Paintings.
Date: All images were created in 2013.