[Visibility and Business Insight through Virtual Command & Control]

The Command and Control Center model provides integrated visibility through a national link to all data being generated by geographically dispersed contact centers.

Capgemini believes that business insight into customer-related issues can be gleaned from contact center data, but only through a centralized capability to collect, analyze, and measure data consistently across all geographical locations.

Using Capgemini’s state-of-the-art virtual and intelligent switch technology, the �€œCommand and Control Center�€ model is driven by standardized processes for data reporting that unite all of the individual contact centers to operate as a cohesive whole. As such, businesses are able to take control of customer data metrics and contact center processes to provide customers with a more consistent and relevant customer care experience. Most of all, in our experience, the Command and Control Center model has helped to generate the business insight that can help businesses transform their contact centers into value centers �€“ delivering metrics that go beyond customer care to align with better and more cost effective management of contact center operations.