An enterprise solution that’s built for you, priced for you, and All-In-One.

As a small to mid-sized company, you face the same competitive conditions as the largest competitors — exploiting growth opportunities by targeting and campaigning to the right customers, converting marketing leads to profi table opportunities, retaining customers though effi cient customer service processes, optimizing investments in IT, adapting to market conditions, increasing effi ciency and effectiveness in daily operations — but with far fewer people and much smaller budgets.

Now there’s a way to get all the power of SAP without the price tag: Capgemini All-in-One, SAP-certifi ed CRM solution. Developed and supported in Capgemini’s collaborative Center of Excellence in North America, CRM EDGE for global CRM processes makes this the smart choice. CRM EDGE incorporates leading practices across industries for sales, service, and marketing related business processes.