Rail Net Denmark assured of higher level of precision maintenance through SAP upgrade by Capgemini

“ We chose Capgemini and its Rightshore delivery capability because we understood each other and each other’s needs right from the start. We’ve never seen such a competent team of specialists organized in such a short period of time. ”Kenneth Lau Rentius, IT Director, Banedanmarkp

The Situation

In Denmark, 160 million people take a million trains every year. With so many people dependent on the system, proper maintenance is of high priority and of primary focus. Responsibility for keeping some 3,240 kilometers of rail tracks in good condition and ensuring that train passengers travel safely falls to Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark).

The Solution

2006 was a turbulent year for Banedanmark when the National Audit Office reported inadequate financial management. The Danish government responded with an offer of additional funds for track maintenance and repair, giving Banedanmark a chance to update its systems and plan for the future. Banedanmark chose to focus on an upgrade of its SAP Platform from 4.6 to 6.0 and invited help from Capgemini to implement it.

The Result

Today, Banedanmark has a modern IT system that supports its ability to manage maintenance over the entire rail system. The SAP upgrade allows the company to get a detailed overview of the entire railway network and pinpoint where and when maintenance is required.