Client Stories


Estudo: Resiliência cibernética da Capgemini

Leia o estudo completo para saber por que a resiliência cibernética é mais importante do que...


Competitividade do varejo em tempos de foco no cliente

Os supermercados e o Atacado estão em meio a um período intenso e prolongado de...


Transformação para a nuvem: As chaves para o sucesso

Acelere sua transformação digital mudando para a nuvem, e adicione desempenho e agilidade aos...


Data Sharing Masters

Como os ecossistemas de dados podem ser uma grande vantagem competitiva para seu negócio


Relatório do Quadrante ISG Provider Lens ™ 2021 – Brasil

A Capgemini é nomeada líder no Brasil em todos os quadrantes no Relatório do ISG Provider...


Priorize seu cliente com o Connected Marketing!

Elimine a complexidade para melhorar a eficiência do ecossistema de marketing


Connected Marketing – Data and Compliance

Leia nosso ponto de vista para saber sobre a importância estratégica dos dados e compliance...

Explore careers at Capgemini Engineering

Take your skills & experience to the next level. Get the future you want.


DevSecOps in regulated industries

A playbook to accelerate software reliability & compliance with DevSecOps.

The road to autonomous car development

Our client needed to demonstrate the potential of 5G to transform all industries to monetize...

Get The Future You Want

Uma nova promessa de marca que captura o espírito da Capgemini

Adequado para o Fit-Zero

Investimentos em tecnologias limpas de última geração. 55 Tech Quests para acelerar a...

Digital Transformation

Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

Intel and Capgemini have combined their security expertise to deliver an end-to-end IoT...

Smart Energy Management

Turning data into meaningful insights to develop synergies between energy professionals and...

IDaaS Brochure

Securely connect millions of identities to multiple resources via any device

Customer Communication Management for Financial Services

Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems have traditionally been purpose built for...

Annual Report 2019

Our latest Annual Report summarises our main activities and the major events from 2019.

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based...


Testing the Security of your Applications

Applications are your business. Better secure them

Capgemini and IBM

Capgemini and IBM: Your partners for a new generation of doing business.

SAP OnePath

Our OnePath offerings can bundle virtually any SAP software with our services to uniquely...

READYUpstream for Upstream Oil & Gas

READYUpstream is the only SAP certified all-in-one solution for the upstream Oil & Gas...

Kiabi SMACK: a Big Data project from A to Z

Working collaboratively with Capgemini, Kiabi provides more unified and cross-channel...


How TalkTalk halved their legacy estate

TalkTalk, a telecommunications and media company, undertook an ambitious modernisation and...


Designed Specifically for the Drilling, Oil Field Services and Midstream Industries. Given...

Consumer Products & Retail

Making the last mile pay

Balancing customer expectations and commercial reality

Transforming the Capgemini Group’s Finance Function

Capgemini deploys robotic automation to deliver enhanced business outcomes and benefits...


GDPR demands compliance … and unlocks opportunity

Complying with the GDPR is unavoidable and requires significant investment, but there’s good...