Financial Services

Vit Nemec

Expert em Banking, Cloud, digitalization, Innovation, regulatives

I manage clients expectations and help them to transform the vision into reality thanks to deep knowledge in financial sector and innovative use of technology. By focusing on clients needs and providing added value wherever I can, I am ensuring their continued growth and profitability. I create the cost-effective solution supporting continued growth and best of breed

Vit Nemec

Minha experiência

Account Manager Key Account @ Capgemini


ICT Project manager @ Banking

02/07/2011 to 10/09/2012

Head of Application Management @ Capgemini

07/11/2006 to 01/23/2012

Senior project manager @ Capgemini

12/23/2008 to 12/13/2011

Delivery Manager @ Computer Software

07/10/2006 to 12/15/2008

SAP Consultant, Developer @ Computer Software

10/02/2005 to 06/12/2006

Consultant, Developer @ Electrical/Electronics Manufacturing

07/16/2003 to 09/12/2005