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Lisa Hirsch

Expert em Cloud strategist, solutions architect

A self-described digital technology evangelist, I bring over 20 years of IT experience as a Cloud strategist, solutions architect, and delivery and sales specialist. I utilize my diverse set of skills (which includes eight technology certifications) to assist corporations in developing their strategic cloud vision, solution blueprint and roadmaps, and then implementing this new vision. I facilitate a clients’ journey to the Cloud by migrating their organization to an “As a Service” Operating Model to minimize redundancy, reduce complexity, and contribute significant cost savings while enhancing workforce capability and improving the customer experience through the use of a Cloud consumption model.

Lisa Hirsch

Minha experiência

Global Cloud Principal & Solution Architect - Office of the Cloud CTO Leadership Team @ Capgemini


Executive Cloud Advisor @ Information Technology and Services Company

03/09/2015 to 07/12/2016

Principal - Project Advisor - Consultant @ Consulting Firm

10/15/2014 to 03/17/2015

Principal Program Director - Cloud Solution & Delivery Operations @ Information Technology and Services Company

08/05/2013 to 10/14/2014

Portfolio/Program/Project Advisor - Consultant @ Management Consulting Company

01/08/2013 to 08/21/2013

Enterprise Cloud Services Compute @ Information Technology and Services Company

03/15/2011 to 03/28/2012