Application Lifecycle Services

Anoop Kumar P

Expert em Digital transformations, Mobility

Innovation champion with digital transformation experience via Mobility. Has experience with multiplatform, multi industry, multi backend, multi business mobile first problem solving.

Anoop Kumar P

Minha experiência

Director, Omnichannel Digital Experience - Mobile, Web, UX @ Capgemini


Principal Technology Architect @ Information Technology and Services

01/18/2006 to 06/10/2015

Software Consultant @ Information Technology and Services

07/10/2001 to 11/08/2005

Project Lead @ Computer Networking

05/02/2000 to 06/13/2001

Senior Software Engineer @ Information Technology and Services

07/13/1999 to 05/17/2000

Project Lead - OMCR @ Networking Company

11/05/1996 to 06/09/1999