Enhanced Customer Service and Product Innovation for Telegraph Media Subscribers

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Capgemini implements Software-on-Demand for improved subscriptions management

“ By working with Capgemini to implement software-on-demand we have been able to achieve a state-of-the-art subscription management system in just six months. We have also minimized the upfront funding required and we are confident of seeing a positive return on our investment in months rather than years. ” Paul Cheesbrough, Chief Information Officer, TMG

The Situation

The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) publishes some of the most widely circulated newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, and the UK’s fastest growing quality newspaper website (www.telegraph.co.uk). Its ethos is ‘to provide quality content to customers, when they want it, on a platform they want to receive it on’.

TMG’s legacy system for subscriptions was a ten-year-old solution which made any product development or innovation difficult and time-consuming. TMG sought to improve its service to customers by enabling its call centre teams to quickly and easily open or modify subscriptions. They were also seeking greater speed and flexibility in launching new products, greater support in running targeted marketing campaigns, and the ability to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the media industry.

The Solution

Capgemini and TMG worked in collaboration to design and implement a new system based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The new solution is based on the on-demand services from salesforce.com, the market leader in SaaS applications, and also includes on-demand financial applications from Payonomy, a salesforce.com application partner. The Capgemini team was responsible for the design, configuration and systems integration of the solution which involved integrating both the on demand applications and the TMG core applications. This subscription management solution is the latest application of TMG’s overall IT strategy of moving to ‘on demand’ services wherever possible. The system replaces TMG’s older in-house application and includes new CRM, website and financial management facilities.

The Result

The new system will be used to manage subscriptions to The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, and for TMG’s subscription-linked products and services ranging from books, theatre tickets and holidays to insurance policies, investment products and homes abroad.

There are three main benefits to TMG’s engagement with Capgemini on this project:

  • In evolving the technology in use at TMG, user experience has been significantly improved. Using the latest web-based business applications allows for a richer, more engaging and intuitive experience. Using smarter interfaces, the business can adapt to changing market requirements and get its products and services to market with greater speed and efficiency
  • The flexibility of the solution uses a standardised set of tools and processes, allowing future builds or changes to be easily implemented, as staff will not require retraining
  • With no on-premise or physical infrastructure, all technology is instantly updatable and backed up regularly.


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