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Giving Back Together

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Over 1,300 employees participated in 27 cities to help 37 charities for an event called Capgemini Cares Day on June 12. Since 2012, Capgemini has encouraged its employees to volunteer, donate, and participate in this day of service throughout the US and Canada.  The day enables our employees to network with each other, engage with our clients and partners around community efforts, and serve the communities in which they live and work.

Capgemini’s reach is broad with respect to the types of charities supported for Capgemini Cares Day, for example:
Capgemini empowers each city to select which charity they will support for this day.  Some cities chose one charity and some chose multiple charities.  Cities have the freedom – one of Capgemini’s core values – to decide what this event will look like in their city.
This year, the event’s leadership team engaged the Employee Resource Group CARES (Community Action, Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability) to help plan.  CARES identified Advisors for 22 cities to research charities and volunteer opportunities for Capgemini Cares Day. 

Once again, we received positive feedback from our clients, our employees, and the charities we support:

“What your volunteers were able to do in one day would have taken our Horticulture team a few days to accomplish. Please accept our endless thanks for all of your hard work.”
-  Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

“At the end of the day it was a value added day and a sense of satisfaction as we contributed to the community and networked with few other Capgemini folks.”
-   Capgemini Employee

This event is guided by our Group’s core values (Honesty, Trust, Boldness, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun) and our motto People Matter, Results Count. It is a testament to the value we place on promoting social responsibility to maximize the positive impact on the communities where we live and work.  For more on our Corporate Responsibility Programs or to join a team that values Community Engagement please check out our website:

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Mel Larkins
Mel Larkins
Mel Larkins joined Capgemini in 2014 with the Innovation and Digital Services strategic business unit, with a focus on client work in the telecommunications sector. Combining this experience with an MBA in Global business and a B.A. in International Environmental Policy, Mel has joined the North America CR&S team as the Environment & Community Project Manager. She drives growth in our North America Environmental Sustainability Program and Community Engagement Program through systemic project management by maintaining and building connections across functions, strategic business units, and executive leadership teams to execute sustainable solutions.

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