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Insights driven introspection of my 6 years at Capgemini

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In June '17 I completed 6 years with Capgemini, which is only the 3rd Organization that I have worked in my 21 years of professional life. That’s about 1/3rd of my working life and I have an instinct this inning might continue and possibly become my longest stint with an Organization. I am very happy to state that 4 more years will make it 10 years with Capgemini and also 25 years in this ever evolving, innovative and self-sustaining industry – I call it “Intuitive Technology”.

So, what made me persevere in this industry and Capgemini?

I did some introspection while on my 2 weeks summer break. The setting was perfect in the hills of Shimla, India as I was sipping my evening tea watching the summer sun hide behind the Himalayas. A setting like that would have inspired a thousand poets and it actually brought out the poet in me too and I typed the following lines on my smart phone that will automatically save the note on Cloud!

Introspect, I did, through memories of 6 years gushing out in high velocity

Dissect, I had to all structured and unstructured data with veracity

Analyzing such volume of information would have been a chore

Appetizing was the variety that I was happy to take even more!

I believe in facts supported by data and its derived insight

Persevering it with passion was a no brainer, in hindsight!

Bold, modest and honest I am, with the right team spirt too

Freedom, Fun and Trust are other values I lookup to

With creativity, collaboration and clients on the table

All I have to do is lead by example and let core values enable.

Insights and Data – cool place to be!

Information is at our finger tips, and the power of processing and propagating it has advanced so much that in few years’ time it is predicted that “Our number one technology interface will be the human body. We will open doors by placing our eye up to a scanning device, our voice will confirm our identity at the pharmacy. Our passports, insurance cards and driver’s licenses will be tossed in the recycling bin as our relationship with the world becomes easier, more direct and more fluid”. Extract from http://www.capgemini50.com/en/paying-by-heartbeat.html

As part of Capgemini “Insights and Data“ Global practice, I get to pursue my passion and work with some brilliant minds and ambitious clients, who I collaborate with to help them strategize and transform the Data Landscape or how to create more business value out of the potential hidden in the data. I have a desire to help these organizations and individuals achieve stated goals through fun and its outcome i.e. Happiness.

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Balaji Palanidurai
Balaji Palanidurai
As part of Capgemini “Insights and Data“ Global practice, I am currently responsible for delivering high-end consulting to help clients decide and go ahead with transformation including modernization of BI Organization, Data Landscape and how to create more business value out of the potential hidden in the data. I have a desire to achieve this through diligent application of our 7 core values. Especially fun and its outcome i.e. Happiness
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Nice one Balaji as always :)

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