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Why I still love working for Capgemini after 17 years!

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The recent news that Capgemini UK has been recognised for its leadership on workplace gender equality by being named in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2017 made me want to share my journey with Capgemini.  I hope that my passion for what I do and the experiences I write about, both inspire and motivate others to fulfil their ambitions and see their career as an ever evolving work-in-progress.

Growing up, it never crossed my mind to deviate from the stereotypical educational path of school, college and university; I was very single-minded. After years of study, I had a brief stint as a holiday rep in Majorca before following my chosen career path of IT.

My career started at a small ERP software provider. During the three years I worked there, I was responsible for implementing the finance element of a wider application solution for a variety of companies around the UK. After a few months with another software company -which “just wasn’t me”- I joined Capgemini in the year 2000. I felt instantly at home here; it felt like the perfect fit and 17 years later I still talk to anyone who will listen about how great the company is and how much I love my work.

My initial role for Capgemini was that of Application Support. I was supporting the same ERP application that I used to implement at the first company I worked for. Since then, I have taken on several roles within Capgemini, traversing several different streams, which has ultimately led me to my current role as the Head of Service Introduction within our Application Management Services Delivery Unit #AppsMgt.

My typical work day consists of supporting a mix of clients and internal/external projects.  A typical week, could have me working from home one day, in a Capgemini office anywhere in the country the next, and at an external client site the day after. My time is filled with conference calls, actions and plans, internal and external meetings or workshops, training programmes, and so on. It keeps me extremely busy and sometimes I wonder how I am going to fit it all in, but that's what I love about my job. No two days are the same, and it's both challenging and fulfilling.

The ultimate motivator for me is being accountable for challenging projects and as I work in Application Management Support, ensuring that supportability is considered from Solution Review and on through Build or Transition.  By focusing on risk mitigation & issue resolution (from the initial bid through to transition and on into early life service), I can make the right decisions with the ultimate achievement of handing the Service over to BAU support, where the stability and supportability will continue throughout the life of the project.

From my first day to today, it is the people that make Capgemini a great place to work.  Everyone is true to the core values that permeate the company and I have always had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals who bring out the best in me.  I have also been extremely fortunate to be mentored and managed by some really inspirational people. When I find someone whom I can relate with, I grab every opportunity to listen to their experience and take their knowledge and words of wisdom on board. I believe in taking chances and risks, I go for roles that are outside my comfort zone that constantly challenge me to do and learn new things.  I learn from my mistakes and successes and apply that knowledge going forward. It is as a result of this journey that I am thrilled to be named and publicised as one of the female role models for Capgemini.

As a final word, I wanted to reiterate that I have always been encouraged and motivated to challenge myself and I have been given amazing opportunities for progression especially within the Application Management space that satisfies my ambition to grow and achieve.

Capgemini will challenge you, broaden your mind, and teach you new skills and techniques. If you want to learn and become the best that you can be, it's an amazing place to work.

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Nicola Hodkinson
Nicola Hodkinson
Nicola currently heads up the Application Management Services (AMS) #AppsMgt. Service Introduction is a capability that governs the build life cycle and/or the service transition from incumbents or new clients, with checks embedded in Quality assurance to ensure that risks to live service have been identified as early as possible and are being handled appropriately. The objective is to de-risk Service, ensuring that supportability is considered from Solution Review and on through Build and Transition.

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