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14 Moments That Make It All Worthwhile

Through the long work days, time spent away from friends/family, crazy client meetings, and the 5 (or 25) pounds you may have put on, these moments make the consulting lifestyle all worth it.

  • Thursday afternoon drives to the airport
  • When you reconnect with onboarding friends at Cap Connects
  • When you get that “Great Job!” email
  • When you get the call from your RM about your next engagement
  • When the receptionists at the hotel start to recognize you
  • When you randomly get selected for the TSA pre-check
  • When you find that restaurant near your client site that becomes “your spot”
  • When you go on tax break or vacation for a few weeks and you get “We miss you!” emails
  • When your flight is mostly empty and you get the whole row to yourself
  • When you find out that your friend/past colleague is joining your project
  • When you finally remember the route from the airport to your client site
  • When your picture or event makes it to the front page of Talent (Capgemini intranet)
  • When you get that unexpected upgrade
  • The day your project finally goes live – Your project team couldn’t have done it without you  :)

About the author

Melissa J.
Melissa J.
Melissa graduated from Rice University with a major in Economics and joined Capgemini in July 2012. She is based in the Atlanta office and is trained in SAP FICO. Melissa enjoys practicing yoga and going to the beach, and she is always up to try a new restaurant.