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  1. 2017―Demystifying the CIO Strategy

    Beyond the hype Much has been written about the ‘next big bets’ for 2017. But to make technology predictions meaningful, they need to be commercially viable. They also need to be grounded in current geopolitical conditions and a...

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  2. Acquisition isn't always the answer

    How enterprises can support startups, without smothering them I recently attended TechCrunch Disrupt in London. I was there for just one day of the 48-hour tech-fest which gathers startups, hackers, investors and digital enthusiasts from all over...

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  3. How Should Governments Innovate?

    A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about India’s Smart City program. Unhindered by the legacy infrastructure of a Western city, the Indian government has the agility to invest in technology that addresses the current and future needs of...

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  4. Do we need two types of CIO?

    Categories : Strategy

    We recently explored how the evolution of IoT is driving completely new business models powered by digital technology. But what does this mean for the people behind that technology, the CIOs? Are they the new business visionaries? If so, who’s...

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