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TechnoVision 2016 - You Experience: the user experience at digital speed

The adoption of mobile devices into our lives and the emergence of systems that go far beyond apps have created an innovation wave that changes the way we engage with organizations. We expect them to be completely in sync with our digital behavior, creating the ultimate seductive user experience: customized, context-specific, task-oriented, elegantly designed, consistent across channels and downright fun to use.

“We shape our technologies and afterwards our technologies shape us.”

Paraphrasing the famous words of Winston Churchill, we already saw it coming for some time. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, our information behavior is changing at a tremendous pace. On average, we take our mobile device out of our pocket 160 times a day, creating a series individual mobile moments where an organization can either triumph or fail miserably in serving its customer in need. We expect ubiquitous connectivity and immediate answers to any question or demand we have. We use brilliantly designed apps — true objects of desire — that are fully optimized for the task we want to accomplish and constantly seduce us to interact. The sensors in the device detect much of our specific context, in addition to geographic location. Furthermore, the device is aware of our identity and will share it with the outside world, when required, for success.

Many organizations think that this wave of mobile devices and apps is similar to the rise of the web a decade earlier. Mobile-commerce is the same as web-commerce, only on a smaller screen, right?

Well, not quite.

Mobile means much more than just an additional channel. It requires a dramatically different organizational mindset to meet the expectations of the digital customer. Processes and data have to be tuned to make an instant response — based on real-time insight — possible.

To successfully respond to the empowered consumer, employees must have technology available that at the very least, matches their customers’. The focus of organizations must be on creating the ultimate customer experience: a true You Experience that is fully customized not only to the individual, but the situation she is in — an experience that creatively builds on the available technology of No Keyboard and the digitally augmented Self. It’s an experience that is immediate and accomplishes the task precisely — leveraging relevant data, whatever the structure, wherever it comes from.

What’s true for the relationship between organizations and their customers, is also true for organizations and their employees. It’s not just to stay in sync with the expectations of customers, but also to produce an engaged and more autonomous workforce that works in different ways, places, and times with superior results, a higher motivation, and a much better work-life balance. To be good to your customer is only possible if you are good to your employees.

Welcome to the world of the You Experience. You’re in for a fascinating ride. 

Expert: Michiel Boreel 

Part of Capgemini's TechnoVision 2016 update series. See the overview here.

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Great article Ron, please let us know if we can collaborate in any way given we (Key Lime Interactive) do a lot of research, design and/or Customer/User Experience work. Thanks.
Dear Michiel, I really love your quote of Winston Churchill. The fact that technologies shape us is often overlooked. Maybe for the next version you could use the real words of Churchill: We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us. (he said this when rebuilding the commons chamber was necessary after bombing in 1943). The essence of the quote is still the same, but is is more accurate. Best Regards,

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