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Platforms – why they have come of age!

Let’s face it, the way we want to consume services has changed. If you are like me you want to access the services you want, from where you want, when you want and using the devices you want. Of course, you wish to do so without having to traverse layers of bureaucracy, security and process.

These apparently reasonable requirements can present many enterprise IT departments with a problem. In many cases, corporate  policies, standards, procedures, guidelines haven’t changed or even woken up to this new world. In my experience, graduate recruits expect a very different IT platform (in fact, it’s not expected, it’s assumed).  After all, how many of them even use email to communicate? My guess is not many since the birth of Twitter…

Forward-thinking organisations are faced with the challenge of evolving their services landscapes and adapting to contemporary platforms while delivering against commitments of the past. Striking this balance necessitates the convergence of business services. Composite services will become the norm while existing (so called ‘legacy’) services must still be delivered, although better, cheaper and faster.
However, there is a way forward. There is a way to affect policy and there is a way to ensure accredited enterprise services can be enabled with ease of consumption in mind…

In other words, the age of Business Services Orchestration has arrived. These persistent orchestration platforms facilitate the aggregating, integrating, brokering, servicing, governing, monitoring and billing of old and new services. A true business services orchestrator will become the fulfilment engine for enterprise services all available through corporate marketplaces or ‘App stores’.

However, the heritage and investment of the legacy services must not be forgotten. Being able to tap into or leverage these systems through controlled/well-defined API’S is a necessity, as will be the ability to provide orchestrated development capabilities to rapidly build out the library of services the platform will offer enabling new and encouraging the cultural shift away from the old world.

Platforms have come of age because services have come of age… If you wish to benefit from the latest services being developed you will want to do so in a secure, trusted and non-bureaucratic way – in fact, as easily as tweeting with your friends!

About the author

Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis is an internationally experienced CTO, Technology Strategist and Enterprise Architect, with a passion for technology. Adam has the responsibility for developing the 'next generation' Infrastructure business and services strategy, including 'Cloud'. As part of Capgemini's Infrastructure Service leadership team he drives the development of strategies that enable and accelerate sustainable profitable growth. Adam has spent over fifteen years in senior business technology advisory, consulting and IT development roles across many sectors including financial services (banking & insurance), central government, healthcare, transport and manufacturing. He is a recognised thought leader and technology evangelist who enjoys helping organisations transform their businesses from old-world models into highly competitive, agile organisations using technologies as an enabler. Apart from his passion for all things technical, Adam loves to travel and play his guitars.
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