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The Inception of TRAIN and SCOOTER apps

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Just sharing with you that we are currently finalizing the 2011 edition of Capgemini's TechnoVision. An important inception is the analysis of the applications landscape and the impact on delivery models as we are shifting towards a new category of solutions that are lightweight, agile and created in - or very near - to the business. Actually, we distinguish different 'Application Lifecycles', each with their own dynamics around requirements, quality, time-to-market, agility, tools being used and place within the organization. We thought a transport metaphor would be quite effective, so prepare yourselves to be familiarized in the near future with 5 different types of applications, ranging from TRAIN apps (solid, stable, standard, predictable) all the way to SCOOTER apps (highly individual and personalized, ultra-agile, ad-hoc). Much more soon, so stay tuned to this blog. For now, one little visualization of what happens when you try to make a TRAIN application behave like a SCOOTER. I believe our 'application city' streets are full of these trains gone rogue. Let's hope they are just a bad dream soon.

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