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  1. How Drones are playing an important role enabling Internet of Things (IoT) for Oil and Gas industry (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream)?

      Rarest Challenges of Oil & Gas industry can be addressed by introducing the Drones / Underwater Drones technology Drones are changing the way oil and gas facilities and infrastructure are being inspected and monitored by enabling the...

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  2. Human Empathy in Virtual Customer Assistants Part 3/3

      Bot-to-bot communication occurs when a VPA or a VEA interacts with the VCA. As a result, many challenges arise to ensure successful communication. Ironically, organizations are focusing more on improving the relationship with the customer via...

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  3. Making Testing Adaptive, Interactive, Iterative, and Contextual with Cognitive Intelligence

    (1) Background: What is Cognitive Testing All About? Cognitive testing is a new class of testing and, as the name suggests, it leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and other cognitive computing...

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