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  1. What are the Challenges Blockchain Technology is facing in Energy Industry (Oil and Gas, Utility)?

    What is a Blockchain? “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” Don & Alex Tapscott, authors...

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  2. How to Automation and Integration (A&I) affects future Upstream Oil and Gas market?

      What is Automation and Integration? Automation and Integration (A&I) of processes and different systems is in high demand within upstream oil & gas industry. There is a lot of focus in either automation or integration or both on...

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  3. Human Empathy in Virtual Customer Assistants Part 3/3

      Bot-to-bot communication occurs when a VPA or a VEA interacts with the VCA. As a result, many challenges arise to ensure successful communication. Ironically, organizations are focusing more on improving the relationship with the customer via...

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  4. Human Empathy in Virtual Customer Assistants - Can Virtual Customer Agents have more empathy than humans? Part 2 / 3 VPA, VEA and VCA

    Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA) Employees use VPAs so that the Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA) may gain access to important and official data about worker efficiency.  Employees who use VPAs do so in order to maintain a flow of official...

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  5. Digitalization: Cut the flab; get into shape

    Every good enterprise to run a profitable business needs to continuously rethink processes and business models and all the other components. In order to make business more efficient today than it was yesterday the enterprise needs to trim the flab...

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  6. Human Empathy in Virtual Customer Assistants

      Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2020, customer experience will overtake product performance and pricing as the number one way for companies to differentiate themselves. Businesses around the globe lose billions of dollars every year due...

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  7. How Should a Tester Adapt to Cloud - Call for Change of Mindset Amongst Testers

    (1) Background: Testing Applications for Cloud Migration The dawn of the digital era brings a new set of challenges for companies today. With cloud, mobile, analytics, and social media forming the cornerstones of digital transformation...

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  8. Best Practices in Identifying Test Cases for Regression Suite

    1. Background: Software Regression Testing Regression testing is carried out to ensure that a system or an “Application Under Test” (AUT) behaves as expected after enhancements or bug fixes. Testing activities occur after software...

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  9. Trends in the Global Automotive Sector: Implications for Testing and QA

    (1) Business Drivers for Global Automotive Evolution The demand for automobiles in the global market is uneven, with the strongest growth in North America, the weakest in Europe, and the most inconsistent in growing markets like China and...

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  10. FinTech: A New Disruptor in Industry and Implications for Testing and QA

    (1) Introduction to FinTech Ecosystem A disruption in one industry triggers a cascading effect on the others. The World FinTech Report 2017 from Capgemini explains that FinTech has emerged as one of the most promising trends of the recent...

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