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  1. Historical Data can make a big, hairy mess in Machine Learning

        Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is development of computer programs from historical data called...

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  2. IOT to enable smart and vigilant monitoring Moving towards a safer, healthier world

      Advances in Artificial Intelligence technology have opened up new markets and new opportunities for progress in critical areas such as healthcare, education, energy and the environment. Proactive Monitoring – Vigilant anomaly, threat...

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  3. Knowledge is integral to Artificial Intelligence

      At Capgemini, we take more visceral, humanlike approach to Intelligent Automation. Chris Stancombe, Head of Group Industrialization, coined the term “The Five Senses of Artificial Intelligence,” where he conceptualizes the key...

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  4. Rendezvous with the future of Consumer Goods and Retail I Welcome to Berlin

    The annual Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum (this year commencing 21 June in Berlin) is reliably one of the most thought-provoking gatherings of the year. Given the market transitions afoot in the industry, the 2017 gathering promises to be no...

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