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  1. Anything but new cars...

    Sitting between Black Friday and Christmas makes me wonder what deals are not available on the internet – just about anything can be found using search engines like Google or Baidu, and almost anything can be bought for a price. Apart from...

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  2. Insights & Action

    In recent times there have been several interesting announcements in our automotive world: Bosch renamed its automotive division to be called “Mobility Solutions”; Ford stated it was transforming itself into an “automotive and...

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  3. Industrialization & Agility

    Many automotive companies claim to be global, but most of them are really local companies with global operations: without wishing to highlight any one company, many have had very strong presence in a defined geographical location, with large numbers...

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  4. AutomotiveConnect for Suppliers

    Digital is trending. Whenever as a consultant I add the word “digital” to a sentence, it makes the whole sentence sound and feel more 21st century. The challenge is, that not many people really understand what digital is, where it adds...

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  5. What Ford can learn from Tesco

    I’ve just spent two years out of the industry as I was asked by Capgemini to work in another industry sector – Consumer Products & Retail. The first thing I must say is that I am delighted to be back in Automotive! Whilst the Consumer...

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