Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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AR and VR can breathe life into imagination

Envisage to be possible

“The modern computer technology has successfully created an exciting and pioneering avenue for the future, where anything that man envisages might be possible.” Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are helping mankind travel towards that direction. While VR gives you a (learning) experience in simulated worlds, AR on the other hand can enrich your direct environment, allowing you to get a (learning) experience and interact with the environment at the same time. One marketplace that is really good to envision anything to be possible is the Gaming Industry. Think of games like Pokémon Go (AR) and ADR1FT (VR). The future of this technology is to to get a wider audience for using this technology.

Minecraft and AR

Further Simplify

In order to get to attain this success, we need to further simplify AR and VR technology. Mobile devices are a good example. Earlier they were just calling devices and quite rapidly transformed into pocket-sized computers. This functionality allows them to smoothly work as an AR or VR devices. Additionally allowing them to use their added features in AR and VR, to make the experience even greater than early AR and VR made possible. Prior to this functionality, network connectivity is important so that they can connect anywhere, with enough bandwidth to deliver enough speed, so that your experience becomes endless.

Sicco and the Hololens

AR over VR

Currently, VR is more prevalent as compared to augmented reality. But, I believe this will change rapidly over the coming years. Why? Because industrial verticals are adopting these technologies on a rapid scale as well. It is an undeniable fact that AR is much more prevalent, as one can enrich the direct environment. Envision maintenance of a plane, AR can enrich your view, indicate wear and tear which the naked eye cannot see and help remember everything.

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Sicco Maathuis
Sicco Maathuis
Sicco is a well experienced project and change manager with an eye for creativity. He makes life a little bit easier, more fun and / or better together with the people and for the client. He is a font user of ‘flip-thinking’, constructively challenging existing concepts and new challenges while maintaining connection with the environment. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he is able to develop & execute great strategic innovative concepts, put extra energy / acceleration in it and he knows how to market those concepts as well (center midfielder). Furthermore, he lives in Bunnik together with his girlfriend and two sons. And he is an avid CrossFit-er, drive in & tune my classic MG and he collects Scottish Single Malt whiskies.

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