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All posts for January 2017

  1. Automating Configuration Management for DevOps Test Environments

    (1) Background The transformation of business to a customer-centric digital ecosystem, coupled with the advent of agile- and DevOps-based IT processes, has accelerated the adoption of cloud technology solutions. Migrating these legacy IT systems...

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  2. Big Data for Healthcare


    Overview Newer technologies in healthcare are generating vast amounts of data. This data has to be captured, stored, curated and analyzed continuously which has poses unique challenges for healthcare providers. This problem will be compounded...

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  3. How Should a Tester Adapt to Cloud - Call for Change of Mindset Amongst Testers

    (1) Background: Testing Applications for Cloud Migration The dawn of the digital era brings a new set of challenges for companies today. With cloud, mobile, analytics, and social media forming the cornerstones of digital transformation...

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