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Renewable Energy + Storage = Off-Grid Home?

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As of today, the total number of homes that are off-grid across the world could be a handful. Some of them are designed to be energy efficient and others are those built by those who understand how to balance usage of power from various sources at their disposal. But for a common man to go off-grid, it might take a while!
Having said that, on one hand 1-MW battery storage on a trailer-truck is now possible and on the other there is speculation on 1000 times denser batteries because of technological advances. If we put the two together, we can order a battery that can take our home off-grid for several weeks or months!
How far away are we from such a possibility? It is anybody’s guess!
If the current grid comprises of a handful of generating stations and millions of consumption points, a future system will comprise of millions of generating points owing to renewable sources of energy like roof-top solar. These generating points could be homes, offices, warehouses, industries etc., that also consume energy.
Because of the variable nature of renewable energy, it is not possible to generate power that always meets the demand for an individual home or an entity. However, by storing large volume of power that acts as a buffer between demand and supply, it is possible to realize an off-grid home.
Any guesses on what other means are being thought of to create such a buffer?
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