Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Changing the Landscape of utilities industry to accomodate Electric Transportation

The Smart Grid roll out is ongoing so can business – and potentially government – define and develop the standards and infrastructure necessary to provide the power supply for electric road mobility?

  •  Are “Smart Grids” encompassing data communication between the utility company and each household a prerequisite to enable electric road mobility?
  •  Will radio or power line data communication be the most promising technology to bridge the “last mile” between energy companies and consumer?
  •  Can companies and governments optimize the management of electric energy needs?
  •  Will traditional players (vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, energy companies) be able to maintain their dominant positions?
  •  Will new players be able to design viable products and strategies to gain market share?
  •  Will new after sales players design and implement new business models?

The answers to these questions will underlie a fundamental shift in the existing landscape in areas such as design and manufacturing, energy supply and infrastructure, distribution and after sales service. By proper planning, utilities can maximize the utilization of their infrastructure, create closer relationships with customers, leverage communication investments for other initiatives and develop processes and jointly establish rate structures and incentives with the governments and other public bodies.

To make this possible, the following areas need special focus –

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