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Capping IT Off

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Retail in the Cloud - "To Be or not to be"

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Modern day retail "Hamlets" need not torture themselves...

Hamlet thought death was an uncharted land that no one ever returns from so therefore nothing is known of it. There are some that still think this way about the cloud based technologies (e.g there are too many unknowns to fully embrace it). A recent article in Enterprise Apps Today quoted me when considering if Retailers are ready for the Cloud.

Retailers Not Quite Ready for the Cloud

The old retail model of trying to make decisions for customers has been totally disrupted. Today's customer engages with a Brand and directs it to act on her behalf, and the quicker retail organizations embrace this reality, the better their customer experiences will be. For a single Brand, it could be pick up in store for one type of product, ship to a customer's home if she doesn't want to carry it home, or ship to a third party locker facility if its a gift for a friend that is a non-doorman building. One strategy is to deploy cloud-based technologies that track relevant contextual data and then turn the analytics into insights to better connect with their customers. Clearly the Cloud is a "To Be" future state all retailers should be working towards.

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