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All posts for February 2016

  1. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) using Digital Oil Field

    Digital technologies are helping companies to lower costs, reduce capital expenditure and improve operational efficiency due to the recent fall in the oil. The adaption of digital technologies help companies to reduce risk, optimize production. The...

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  2. AutomotiveConnect for Suppliers

    Digital is trending. Whenever as a consultant I add the word “digital” to a sentence, it makes the whole sentence sound and feel more 21st century. The challenge is, that not many people really understand what digital is, where it adds...

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  3. The Seamless Commerce Experience

    Ask 10 people what Seamless Commerce is, and you will get 10 different answers. At its heart, Seamless Commerce is about creating a personalized customer experience and unifying all aspects of the organization to continually improve the emotional...

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