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Testing Customer Experience – A Secretive Operation?

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One of the key recommendation with the latest World Quality Report is to re-focus QA and Testing on customer experience and business assurance.   With digital transformation,  customer experience is the priority for the business. 

Can customer experience be tested? Most of the testing currently done is on user experience testing not customer experience testing. What’s the difference?

User experience focuses on interaction with the app or product, ease of use of the application, how fast they can access, order or create transactions, clicks to complete tasks, consistency of app with multi channels, omnichannel  etc..  

Customer experience is all the experience a customer has with a brand or supplier of services or an experience of one transaction

For example,  if you are ordering a product with an online retailer, customer experience is how easy it was to order, was product delivered on time, did I get a quality product,  what’s the quality of packaging,  is delivery person courteous, if you don’t like the product, how easy to return the product, how easy to contact the customer care

We do several interactions or touchpoints with the brand or supplier spread out over time.

There’s enough focus on user experience testing, which is technical testing, most of the testing team does this very well.

Customer Experience Testing how and what do we test?

  1. This has to done in a live environment to be more effective, have to experience all touch points and more interestingly to be done secretively to observe the right experience
  2. Main challenge is it’s not testing just one or two customer transaction to conclude the findings, require to test for  consistency,  possibly require to test from different locations, different product or services, different touchpoints and more importantly has to be repeated periodically
  3. There’s lot of customer feedback available for a  brand or service in social media and with customer care,  this has to be analyzed and they become part of the test scenarios

Some organizations do this testing informally, have their employees experience and report observations. Customer experience testing has to become more formal and done periodically to continue improve the experience.

Follow the link to access the World Quality Report 2015-16 -


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