Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Reverse Mentoring way of the future for Digital Leaders

How do you keep yourself at the forefront in the digital and mobile world which is moving faster than the speed of light? Why not try a Reverse Mentoring program where senior colleagues are adepts and younger colleagues are mentors.

In fact, I’d say it is the perfect way for you to position yourself as a Digital leader especially if you have different generations in your firm.

Digitization and innovation are two certainties today for those who want to develop their business. The possibilities of digitization inspire us to skip the traditional thinking and instead think freely. Disruptive ideas can be created by combining the five fundamentals of the current digital world: social, mobile, analytics, cloud and internet of things, SMACT.

Then in addition to all these new things, through reverse mentoring, adding years of experience in technology, leadership and transformation really enables you to become a real Digital leader.

Building your own Reverse Mentoring program  does help you carve a niche. Think big, do not restrict yourself. Let it be about more than just technology. A younger colleague also gives you the perfect inputs into how to become the best leader for the generation Y and Z!


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Annelie Lundqvist
Annelie Lundqvist
In my position as Chief Digital Officer and Vice President, I have client dialogues about #Digital #DigitalLeadership #DigitalTransformation and #Innovation to help our clients with Digital Transformation. From my perspective, Digital Transformation is about how you intelligently can use digital to develop your business, business models and organization by combine digital possibilities and leadership capabilities. I am one of Capgemini's global experts in Digital Transformation and Digital Customer Experience.

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