Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Lively rhinos, adult swim tanks and the golden age of TV - Australian TV conference

A great day at the  Astra Conference 2015 held in Sydney – The annual get together to celebrate and share the innovation for the Pay TV industry in Australia.

This year was a key year with a 20 year landmark of Foxtel – the Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein , showed  a great video down memory lane from the launch drama a spoof called ‘Shark Bay’ through the history of Foxtel and Austar and the red button Interactive TV ( my own area of expertise at Foxtel) got a mention too.

Overall it was around the theme that this is the “golden Age’ of Television. There was plenty of evidence shown by speakers that this is the case. 

 Herman Lopez, in particular, gave a passionate counter to the view that the mobile and small screen experience is the new heart of TV with the stats on how more TV shows are now being made in the US , why Hollywood stars really want to do TV and why we really enjoy watching TV on large screens, whatever our age. He gave a great clear story of why Content, Brand and Distribution are no longer all you need to create the best TV service – now you need fantastic UXacross all your platforms too.

Bob Bakish from Viacom continued the ‘Golden age of TV’ theme and for me the two standouts were first servicing the super consumer, who now wants everything across all platforms and if the industry misses that then they will suffer. Secondly, he gave a fantastic simple insight into why data and analytics are so critical to TV today. He said, that if you don’t get the right multiplatform measurement, then you miss some data and miss connections so get audience leakage which leads to financial leakage (whether it is subscriber value or advertising).

Christine Miller from Turner brought the concept of Plurals generation who are mobile natives and expect to do everything mobile. The fish tank featured here as a left field type of show as part of the adult swim channels in the US!

Finally the personal highlight from Mike Gunton at the BBC who brought natural history to life and the audience to awe and laughter with just amazing videos from the animal kingdom – the frisky hippos featured at the start and it just got better with fun and amazing stories of the characters of nature shot through amazingly creative methods .

So a great day of insight – so ready for next year!

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