Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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H is for holiday - and how big, fast data could have helped?

So after a relaxing 2 weeks away in France, and in a lull by the pool,  having responded to the Urgent!!! emails in my inbox my thoughts turned to how Big, Fast  Data could help me on holiday:
  • Ease my journey: Real time routing based on traffic behaviour – go beyond SatNav and TMC routing – get me to my location based not just on lagging traffic sensors and traffic reports  – but based on current  real traffic behaviour as reported by devices. The diversion signs were incomplete, both locals and tourists having to backtrack – my trouble spots can be predicted based on:
    • Historic data for holiday start date
    • Traffic behaviour right now 
    • Key local events
    • Weather 
    • Time of day
    • Deliver intelligent route guidance to me… I’d pay…

  • Enhance my “dull” shopping:  Give me “temporary" retail offers targeted at me – travelling in a large group with high short term spend (relatively cash rich but time poor) – identify my closest supermarket, unique opening hours due to holidays and create a short term loyal customer (buying food for 12 people for 2 weeks). I can’t join your loyalty scheme – no long term value – but you could give me short term benefits. Guide me round the store for your deals today – enhanced with augmented reality translation if that helps me.

  • Send me compelling offers: You know where I am, the local attractions can be mapped. With 5 kids under 5, a little incentive is easy if you want to get us to the “Valle des Singes” instead of “Futuroscope” - but tempt us, and tempt us on the day. Choice is key.

  • Ease my journey home: From ticket information, Eurotunnel knew I was heading back for a 6pm train. It ran slightly late. If they’d captured a little more outbound information – like my destination in France – or even just taken a risk  -  they would have known that I was attempting 800 miles in one run. So be smart and when I arrive in Folkestone, offer me a compelling hotel & food package based on local hotel capacity at 7pm (unlikely that it would be filled that night) – I might just need it.  
The classic barriers are going – data usage in Europe is now increasingly affordable (£3 for a day’s near unlimted web/email use is useful and not bank breaking)– and many devices have GPS, and the data is available – so monetise it based on you customer use cases.
So my message? Big, fast data opportunities are everywhere, so pour a nice glass of something and enjoy your holidays.

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This is really a good idea that can make your trip memorable as you are getting travel tips and guidance on the go. The mobile operators already have infrastructure to pick the target customers. The only issue is to push the relevant data and at right time. Just pushing the information on the go without knowing your customer preferences can make your customer frustrated. Delivering data intelligently is the aspect that should be looked into while implementing this very do able solution.

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