Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Fast Data is the key for the enterprise

A few months ago we ran some polls on LinkedIn, this was based on what we'd found when developing the Business Data Lake, namely that current approaches to enterprise information were not meeting what the business wanted.  The results are in and there are three very interesting findings. First off was the finding that nearly 70% of companies don't have that single view.  A large group claimed that they did, and a very small group claimed a single view with minor variations.  This really underlines that for the majority of businesses we've not seen traditional 'one view' approaches deliver successfully.

Next off is that two thirds of the people who responded said their information efforts were either led by the business or it was a collaborative effort.  This really shows the shift towards the business focus on information, I find it hard to believe the figure would have been above one third 8 years ago.

Last off was a bit of a surprising one, we've all heard about Big Data and we've all heard the hype of Hadoop.  But when people were asked what was important 70% said that FAST data that mattered and over half of that group said that it was real-time analytics alone that represented the critical technology challenge that they faced, only 15% saw Big Data as the critical challenge alone.  Now if you look at the hype this doesn't appear to make sense, but actually from what we are seeing at Capgemini this matches more and more what business people are asking for, not just volume analytics, but the ability to react in real time.  To quote one person 'I don't want to find out tomorrow what went wrong today'. 

This all underlines our view around the Business Data Lake, its not about a single answer 'of big' its about having a hybrid architecture its about being able to give flexibility in how you answer the analytics challenges, whether in SQL, Statistical, 'Big' or 'Fast' its about a blend.  The future of information is more complex and nuanced than simply a 'big' answer to everything, its about fast and making day to day decisions better.  The challenge therefore is about how you blend these approaches, and its that which we've been addressing with Pivotal on the Business Data Lake.

And of course to the right you can see the infographic

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Interesting findings in the survey, but I am surprised that users care more about faster access to the data rather than validity of the data. Fundamentally, if the data is incorrect, you will get wrong analytic results Fast..
Its not saying they don't care about validity of the data, just that given the choice between fast and big its fast that matters more. We've done other work on the importance of data quality in a big data world.
Fast Data also depends on Big Data....In future if we need to do Real Time Analytics then we will need both Big Data and Fast Data

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