Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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If you find it hard to make the right choice, there’s only one choice right…

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It’s not easy to keep track of developments in mobility, let alone to make an informed decision about mobility’s role in your company. Today’s hype is tomorrow’s has-been. Takeovers, new gadgets, evolving technology- it’s getting harder and harder for companies to decide where to put their money. Mobility has become a fragmented, inhospitable landscape. Still, you have to make strategic choices for your company: how to manage your devices, what technology to use, how to give shape to app development...
It’s not exactly a walk in the park. What’s more: making strategic choices is such a challenge that some companies end up doing nothing. They do not feel equipped to make the right decisions, keep on postponing the choices they have to make and keep on calling for yet another round of research. Still, waiting until the situation has clarified itself not an option. Now is the moment, and the competition is already seizing the opportunity to get ahead…
You could also say: ‘I refuse to join the rat race. My money is on MaaS (Mobility as a Service)’. It’s a shrewd choice, because it allows you to avoid heavy investments and to secure maximum flexibility. I can understand that you are suspicious of much-hyped XaaS-solutions, but MaaS may be just the ticket to gain control of the mobility issue. Mobility’s inherent dynamism demands the ability to react quickly. In mobility, the agility to act upon new trends and developments can really make a big difference.
Together with our partners, we have developed a range of smart MaaS-solutions. Solutions that integrate the necessary mobile components and related management tasks, including applications, security software, interfaces with your systems and supplementary services. As such, we enable you to make use of mobile software and services that really benefit your clients or coworkers. In all cases, our pricing is transparent. We deploy several types of pay-per-use: per device per month, per app per user, etcetera.
Our Mobile Secure MDM solution is a good example of our MaaS solutions ( It allows you to remote manage your devices and the software that runs on those devices, for a fixed, low fee per device per month. Without any prior investments on your part, and purely use based.
MaaS offers an integral solution to all your mobile management issues, and provides unprecedented functionality to your clients and coworkers. If you find it hard to make the right choice in mobility, there really is only one right choice: Maas. Read all about it on

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Jan Moors
Jan Moors
Over the last two decades my focus has been on boundary spanning between Business and IT. In various roles, from Business Development to Consulting, worked on translating business needs into specific IT requirements and translating IT capabilities into specific business opportunities. Since early 2013 this is specifically geared towards the possibilities that arise from the Mobile opportunity, with a strong focus on Strategy and Governance. In the early days of Internet (1995) I was a Business Development Manager struggling with the question how to drive benefits from the promises of the Web. We saw different companies adopting the Web at different speed. What's happening now in the Mobile space has great similarity, but at completely different pace.

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