Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Business performance at 'ungodly' speed

So the Sunday night keynote brought us a notion of what great hardware there is around and actually is capable of today. Great to know that if you want to be an innovator, you should be into columns, not into rows. You Senior DBA will be able to tell you all about it. Rumours go actually that the new iPhone 5s is using this column approach as well, but it's not confirmed.

OK, so what can I do with it from a business point of view, or even why the heck should I bother?
Luckily Mark Hurd made some sense out of it and explained a bit what this technology is able to bring you in his keynote yesterday

What he explained to the audience is the enormous amount of data or information which is coming at us already today, but will grow tremendously in the next couple of years. Elements adding in like the Internet of Things, where devices push information out to the internet without any involvement of a human being, which will boost this. Another trend which pushes this is mobile, with people being more able than ever (4G, WiFi everywhere, etc.) to push information out and share seamlessly. Probably the biggest example of that of course is the information people push out on social media, not in the last part on what they think of your products and services. And guess what, still a lot of business application are already lasting for decades and they will need to cope with all of that information.

The bottom-line is: if you want to be relevant to your customers when interacting with them. Or if you will want to provide an easy and fast way for them to order your products or apply for your services. Or maybe if you want to be able to apply the intelligence about your customers and let it provide new insights to both your employees when they are handling a care request or to your customer when they are in your self-care environment and deliberate whether they should upgrade to your next level of service. 
In all these cases you systems will increasingly want to rely on a good infrastructure that is capable of capturing the information and holding it, but also make it applicable to drive your business while supporting your employees and your customers.

So think of what your scenario would be, how BigData will impact your business and reach out to the people that can make applying BigData and turning it into profit real for you.

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Arjan Kramer
Arjan Kramer
As a Digital Solution Architect Arjan Kramer realizes Digital Business Vision and Strategies by translating them into tangible solutions. In this role he is currently responsible for one of Capgemini's Global Digital Customer Experience Service offerings called OCommerce. This offering is a solution based upon several Oracle products in the Customer Experience domain, spanning Marketing, Sales and Service capabilities, including eCommerce. This solution is offered as a single integrated solution for all-channel Commerce and CRM. His 15+ year experience in IT, implementing CRM, Online and Social solutions and integrating those into existing landscapes for several global organizations makes him the best suitable man for this job.

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