Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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Turn your customers into fans!

Making the art of the possible reality...
I’m proud to announce Capgemini and Oracle have recently launched a global Customer Experience service offering, called OCommerce. This service offering is part of Capgemini’s All-Channel Experience initiative.
The reason for being proud is because I was the one that  started this initiative by crafting a solution set out of a set of Oracle’s Customer Experience products. And now it has become reality! Come to think about it, that’s actually the essence of what we do as Capgemini: making the art of what’s possible in Customer Experience today, reality!  Let me tell you what I mean.
What we learned in our customers engagements and research around Customer Experience or All-Channel Experience, as we call it at Capgemini, we found that a lot of companies are busy with the topic and launching great initiatives and nice interactive solutions to better engage with their customers. But these efforts are, in many cases not bringing the value as expected. The reason is simple but on the other hand complex as well: these initiatives are good stand alone, but they lack a clear vision and strategy and by that, are often not aligned or interconnected. The result: running these separate initiatives cost companies more than if they would be run interconnected, but the overall experience is still not what your customers expect and the value coming out of it is less than expected as well. Let me give you an example. Let’s say a company starts a social channel through Twitter for customer support and launches a mobile app for customer self-care, but the information presented for resolving issues is far more accurate through the social channel than through the mobile app. Customers are disappointed and will have a bad feeling about the company.
Another key element of an effective customer experience strategy is taking industry specific insight into account. For example, the Digital Shopper Relevancy study shows how customers use digital channels in their shopping journey. By taking into account which specific Digital shopper profile or profiles you would like to target (for instance the Digital Shopaholic) this will drive the choices and specific focus in your customer experience vision and strategy. As will it drive the actual technical solution implementation, of course. End of the day, it’s key to keep in mind that customer experience is all about the customer and his journey and the interactions he has with organizations.
Finally the most essential part is making the All-Channel Experience strategy and vision, based upon your organizations position, reality. It starts by building that vision and strategy and executing on that of course by transforming your business, because it needs to grow towards that All-Channel Experience. Besides that you will also need to support that vision and strategy by an IT solution based upon a best-of-suite or best-in-class product stack.
The elements discussed above and combining these in building an All-Channel Experience are key to make the art of the possible reality for your organization and to turn your customers into fans of your company, products and brand.
So don’t wait any longer, start growing fans!

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Arjan Kramer
Arjan Kramer
As a Digital Solution Architect Arjan Kramer realizes Digital Business Vision and Strategies by translating them into tangible solutions. In this role he is currently responsible for one of Capgemini's Global Digital Customer Experience Service offerings called OCommerce. This offering is a solution based upon several Oracle products in the Customer Experience domain, spanning Marketing, Sales and Service capabilities, including eCommerce. This solution is offered as a single integrated solution for all-channel Commerce and CRM. His 15+ year experience in IT, implementing CRM, Online and Social solutions and integrating those into existing landscapes for several global organizations makes him the best suitable man for this job.
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I was triggered by the blog title. Currently, I'm reading Mack Collier's provoking book Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies that Turn Customers into Fans Not so much on the tech side, but a real customer-centric approach, just like pop/rock bands engage with their audiences.
arkramer's picture
Thanks for your remark Henk-Jan. I haven't read the book, you actually highlighted the existence to me by your comment. From the brief description of the book and although it focusses primarily on Marketing and Social Media only, I believe there it is definitely worthwhile to take into account. The OCommerce solution including the supporting Digital transformation however has a broader scope, so includes elements like commerce, service and support as well. Will put it on the list of things to read definitely!

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