BPO Thought Process

BPO Thought Process

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Digital Industry’s Quest for Multi-Channel Content Consumption Demands Picture-perfect FAO Processes


Digital technologies, from smart phones and e-readers, to apps and downloads continue to change the way people interact with and consume media and entertainment. While the channels are expanding and evolving, the value of the content is more crucial than ever, given an increasing competitive sector. To reach consumers, companies are changing business models to take advantage of new channels and multiple platforms. Industries such as Telecom, Internet and Mobile are converging to respond to the changes - even competitors are forming alliances.


With projections of better than 6% growth over the next five years, it is widely believed that the media and entertainment sector is expected to continue with the success it has enjoyed over the past decade, except for physical media of course…

With this shift and fast moving market, tremendous pressures falls on the role of finance including the need to support and manage new transaction intricacies, cross-licensing, royalty payment reconciliations and global distribution models – across all towers of finance and accounting. What will be the next round of innovation which pushes the next wave of content consumption?? I can’t help but think current methods are now considered traditional as we enter the next technological phase of media. Whatever the next wave may be, it’s coming fast and the focus on margin improvement, working capital, and how content is monetized will pose new challenges traditional financial thinking.



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Rob Sherman
Rob Sherman
As leading various solutions, delivery, and marketing initiatives over 18+ years, I have built relationships with clients, analyst, and advisors providing excellence within Finance and Accounting BPO. Automation and reduction of manual processes through innovative technology are my core ambitions for each of our client partners.

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