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All posts for December 2012

  1. 2013 Trends in Customer Experience

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    At the edge of 2012 there is, luckily, still time to discuss the trends in Customer Experience for 2013.Already in 2012 Customer Experience has been a major topic for every organization that is facing customers and interacting with them. Even this...

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  2. Agile Delivery in Hostile Environments

    Categories : AgileBPM

    Working towards agile BPMMost organizations want to move to agile delivery, and for good reasons. Agile promises both to be much faster and to result in functionality that is closer to what users really want. In addition, agile allows you to declare...

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  3. Digital Marketing Factory Model – Too many activities, less time and overload of information management ? Here’s the answer for you Mr. CMO !

    Now that the companies are beginning to realize the importance of digital channels the next hurdle is to maintain it. Marketing is not an easy activity anymore, with so many channels it’s challenging to have the right and impactful content,...

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  4. Good news from HMRC

    It’s time for some good news from the world of tax and revenue. After all, there can’t be many organisations that successfully deliver services to 38 million individual customers and 4.5 million business customers. HMRC is responsible for the...

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  5. The Social Edge for Manufacturing

     5 ways manufacturers can deploy social technologies across the value chain for strategic business advantage.From shrinking product life cycles and complex global supply chains to the ever-increasing demands of connected and empowered...

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  6. Are you in need of some BPM Revitalization?

    Categories : BPM

     The BPMS market often feels as though it’s still in its relative infancy, when in fact it has been around for some time. I often come across BPM implementations more than a decade-old which are creaking at the seams. One of the major...

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