Capping IT Off

Capping IT Off

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The new Jericho Forum identity videos

You may have heard of the Jericho Forum.  The JF advocates a modern approach to information security that takes into account modern business needs, in particular de-perimeterisation.   The JF is now a forum within the Open Group and has produced a lot of helpful guidance on the Open Group web site.

The JF has now got interested in how to manage identity to support de-perimeterisation.  The core of the JF's approach is that people must be allowed to have multiple identities for multiple purposes, but also need to be able to link identities in a controlled way.  People must be able to control the linkage of identities to attributes.  This is described in more detail in a set of commandments.

The whole concept is now explained in 5 very nice and simple videos.  Here's is the 4th (with links to the previous 3).  The 5th comes out soon.

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