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All posts for August 2012

  1. Yes, we do Scrum. And...

    Categories : Agile

    Scrum is simple, yet not easy. Scrum Binary test The Scrum Guide describes the basic rules of the game of Scrum. You can easily detect whether you are doing Scrum. It takes no more than 9 questions. If you can answer every question with a...

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  2. Twitter is changing. Pivot or Death roll

    Categories : Social

    There is a lot to do about Twitter's latest API decisions, though in general it is obvious Twitter is pivoting or doing a death roll. Twitter is not the Twitter we used to know, they've changed in a different kind of company. First of all they are...

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  3. Bringing the Olympic Spirit to BPM

    Categories : BPM

     With the successful hosting of the Olympic Games and the ongoing Paralympics, the British are riding on a high. The pre-event fears around transportation, security and infrastructure have been swept away, as the British worked together, to...

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  4. 4 ideas for Details in Responsive Design

    I have previously covered what this new trend in digital called “Responsive Design” is, but I have since been thinking about how granular a responsive design can be and it can be quite detailed.Here are four ideas I have been toying around...

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  5. Were You Inspired?

    Categories : Social

    The end of a successful London 2012 Olympics, heralds a return to reality not least for the people of London who played host to the world for two straight weeks. Numerous events, achievements and incidents occurred during the week, but a critical...

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