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All posts for April 2012

  1. In-flight entertainment

    While writing this blog, I am at 11 km up in the air, travelling at 816 km/h. Sitting in a comfortable seat and realising I am surrounded bij ICT systems I am glad none of them offer me connectivity to the world below that is passing by on the...

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  2. Case as a Service

     There is no doubt that the market is seeing great demand from customers to change the way they procure their IT, not least in the move to the ‘as a Service’ model. There are many different terms applied to the aaS model including...

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  3. Supercomputers and the Future

    Wednesday the 18th of April marked 100 days to the greatest show on earth, along with the promise of even more superlatives, as a direct consequence of the Olympic motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. It certainly made an auspicious date for an...

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