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All posts for March 2012

  1. How to successfully sell your online strategy

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    You have a great idea for a new online service. Agencies have made beautiful designs for you and the road show is in progress… but somehow the stakeholders are not as enthusiastic as you are. And here’s why. The conceptual designs are not a...

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  2. Cloud and emerging economies

    With the Earth’s population hovering at the Seven Billion mark, there is pressing need for bigger, better, faster, and preferably cheaper, sources and versions of almost everything (e.g. food, energy and even computing power). This is just as acute...

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  3. Gamification for your company

    What is Gamification.  There are many descriptions out there. I have described it in many ways myself. The simplest I have seen (or possibly made up) is this; the application of gaming metaphors to real life tasks to influence behaviour, improve...

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