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All posts for January 2012

  1. The business value of BPM: Is BPM as good as coffee?

    Categories : BPM

    “So actually, BPM prepares your coffee every morning?” This is the first comment I heard from the audience at a recent BPM selling presentation I attended. Why did the client ask this question? Was he just joking?Clients care about business value...

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  2. Who needs a Digital Copyright Exchange?

    I was kindly invited to attend a ‘narrow table’ discussion session about the key challenges facing innovation and startups when dealing with a copyright system that is clearly not fit-for-purpose in an increasingly digital world.This event was...

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  3. How Google+ Will Get To 1 Billion members

    Categories : Social

    Google just announced Search in Your World on their blog, which is basically search in Plus. This might seems obvious, since Google is a search company, however  it might be vital to get to 1 billion users and to become the dominant Social Network....

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