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All posts for December 2011

  1. Getting started with Cookie law compliance

    Categories : Web

    In his recent half-term update Christopher Graham, the Crown appointed Information Commissioner, stated that UK businesses "must try harder" to comply with EU cookie regulations.If you're unfamiliar with these directives they can be summed up in this...

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  2. API, why, how and where is the money

    API is short for Application Programming Interface, it is a way to communicate with something without having to use the website or tool of the specific service. Often is about the exchange and manipulation of data (such as  most apps for twitter on...

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  3. Het institutionaliseren van agile

    Categories :

    [Sorry this entry is in Dutch.] Er is een anti-patroon op het gebied van agile dat me nauw aan het hart gaat. En dat is de institutionalisering van agile. In de afgelopen vijftien jaar heb ik met veel plezier en inzet organisaties en projecten...

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  4. Case Management. So what’s it all about?

    Categories : BPM

    I stumbled upon this LinkedIn discussion on my favorite topic ‘ Case Management Do you really know what it is? and felt compelled to respond. I know it's going to get me into trouble, but sometimes you've just got to stand up and be counted. I've...

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  5. Copyright and the Cloud

    As promised in my last blog post, the focus this time is very much around the challenges of Intellectual Property, (esp. copyright), in a cloud context. Content protection is one thing, but establishing exactly what one can and can’t do with...

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  6. Event-driven relationships

    As human beings our ability to maintain meaningful relationships is limited to 150 friends at most. This number has remain consistent over the history of mankind and the hundreds of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter friends we have has not changed this...

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