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All posts for July 2011

  1. Twitter, a real-time resume

    Categories : Social

    Twitter has become an increasingly important place. Some people, back in the day, used Google to find out about certain topics or people. Now a lot of people go on someone else his Twitter page and in a couple of minutes they know what that person is...

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  2. Domain and DMZ – critical consideration

    A DMZ separates an external network from directly referencing an internal network. It does this by isolating the machine that is being directly accessed from all other machines. Most of the time the external network is the Internet and what is in the...

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  3. Innovating and Enabling Digital Futures

    Certain trends and observations in the use and growth of content and communication technologies make it clear that the future of digital enterprise will depend heavily on key enablers such as Mobile Infrastructure. As ever, technology is probably the...

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